Experts By Experience

From people who know how great it feels to have successfully changed their lifestyle. We've been there, got the T-shirt, studied the T-shirt and how to help others get their own T-shirt. We also sell T-shirts!

Membership by Application

We run an invitation only policy: this enables us to ensure the Unit is a supportive, respectful and welcoming environment where everyone can train, have fun and reach their goals. To apply for your invitation, click the button to fill out our online form.



We have been in that situation where change is needed. We have started from the beginning, given ourselves a purpose and succeeded. Now we're here to help you do the same. Click the button to fill out our form to start achieving your goals.



We make our routines as close to real life situations as possible, so you're not just going through the motions! Designed to keep you mentally sharp and physically at your peak, our personal training routines are continually modified to ensure you never do the same workout twice.



A philosophy to live your life by - we promote the five ways to wellbeing to ensure full physical and mental health


We specialise in supporting real people into the physically and mentally rewarding world of health and fitness. In our experience, coming to the gym and starting a training career; especially in the beginning, is TOUGH! We know how it feels and do our best to ease you into working out using a safe and effective process; a free informal consultation and assessment allows you to meet our professional, qualified & experienced team and look around the facility with no pressure. Then if you feel like we’re the place for you, you can message us to book your first safe and effective session. We won’t beast you: it’s not a good marketing strategy for starters.
Our first question in personalised programming and goal setting is this; is this realistic and sustainable? We’re interested in helping you build yourself up and having unrealistic expectations will hinder that process. Softly softly catchy monkey
Yes; we offer various ‘membership by application’ deals none of which are ‘contracts’. We use a membership application process to ensure that we maintain an atmosphere of respect and growth (translation; No Idiots)
Yes; we have gender-specific, private well furnished changing rooms and toilets, an excellent hot power shower, hireable boardroom/meeting/training space and a well equipped kitchen facility. We also sell drinks and supplements if you’re in a rush.

Sons of Anxiety Strength Club

"The atmosphere and comradery at strongman/woman competitions is amazing. Lots of encouragement, support and humour. Humans need interaction, mental stimulation and adversity: SoA Strength Club is one of many places you can get it.

We utilise the Five Ways to Wellbeing model to promote healthy behaviours and connections. If you want to get involved with us in any capacity please get in touch."


RTW / soa
gym wear

We have personally selected the items and designs stocked in our own online shop to be of top quality clothing/gear that you can have emblazoned with our ‘Sons of Anxiety: strength club’ and RTW logo’s. Using secure payment method you can customise your choice using our slogan, our logo and colour options. Then you’re free to rock locally printed, witty, real-human training gear from our online shop and either collect near Clitheroe or have it delivered to your door.