Our Philosophy

There is nothing better than helping people set their goals and pushing them to achieve

As head coach and founder of RTW fitness I am in a unique position, I get to run alongside folk as they attain goals, build confidence and grow stronger. Changing a lifestyle is rarely easy: I know this from my own lived personal experiences of overcoming addiction AND I understand the process on an academic and practical level from my years working within fitness and the health and social care sector. A big believer in building resilience through self-challenge I support and educate people to be better, stronger versions of themselves.

We believe in keeping it simple, realistic and effective. There’s a lot of gimmickry in the health & fitness industry, it gets confusing expensive and frustrating. Some of us get into a cycle of start/fail that can make you feel you don’t have what it takes; you do but it needs cultivating.

This is where we come in. We support you to make incremental changes in a sustainable manner that move you towards your goals.

We meet YOU where YOU’RE AT listen to what you want and we’re honest about achieving it. If you come here we WANT you to succeed because you’re our best advert.

We want you to feel more confident, be both physically and mentally stronger. We’ll help you do that by progressively challenging you at a realistic pace.

If you’ve struggled with feeling self conscious, out of your depth or anxious in the gym then The Unit is the place for you.

It’s ‘by application membership’ only; this enables us to ensure a welcoming and supportive environment.

You’ll never need to stand awkwardly wondering what to do; multiple workouts are written up each day for you if you don’t have a plan and we’ll always help you out with techniques.

We don’t care whether you’re in a matching 2 piece Lycra affair or Alan Partridge running shorts; we care what YOUR goals are and how we can help. 

Experts by experience

We've been there, done it and bought the T-shirt. We've made the mistakes so you don't have to, so apply to join us on our journey! 


We're not with you for just an hour a week. We are as commited to you as you are to us. We aim to help you reach your goals throughout your life, not just in the 'Unit'.

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Training is about mental as well as physical wellbeing. We will coach you in how to take care of yourself from every angle.

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Apply now! After a meeting with our instructors to gauge your goals, we will send an invite. This helps keeps the camaraderie and spirit we associate with our gym!

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We make training sessions and routines based on real life scenarios, so your training will benefit your every day life, or other activities and sports you participate in.

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sons of anxiety STRENGTH CLUB

We do what we do because it connects people, it challenges people (us included) and makes people grow. There's lots of encouragement, support and humour!

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