Meet the team



Hi I’m Rolonde Co-Director of RTW Fitness. I’ve been a university qualified and practicing personal trainer and coach since 2016. My own training career has spanned 12+ years and includes competitive success in Strongman, Bodybuilding and Powerlifting. I also work as a fitness model and motivational speaker. I combine my technical knowledge and experience in supporting behaviour change to specialise in sustainable weight loss coaching and strength training. My honest yet supportive approach has worked for a lot of people. 


The understudy of Rolonde, Dan has been coached by him over the last two years. Having recently completed his level 2 gym instructor qualification, Dan is poised, ready to begin studying level 3 in personal training.

Over the course of his time with RTW Fitness, Dan has managed to lose almost 4 stone on a weight-loss journey, won a first-timers Strongman competition and utilised strength training to double many of his previous personal best lifts. Achieved by following the ethos and techniques taught under RTW Fitness.